Health Benefits


Plant Protein

Raw Hemp Protein

  • High Bioavailability (absorption into body)
  • No psychotropic reaction - they are safe and healthy to eat
  • Raw, Cold-processed
  • Contains a Complete Amino Acid Profile
  • Including the 9 Essential Amino Acids
  • Ideal 3:1 Omega-3 vs. Omega-6 fatty acids
  • Rich in GLA's (Gamma-Linoleic Acids)

The hemp seeds, from which our hemp protein is made - cause absolutely no psychotropic reactions, despite previously misunderstood botanical associations. This all-natural protein leads the way in produce emerging from the innovation in non-psychoactive hemp products now entering the health space and superfoods markets.

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Vegan-Sourced L-Glutamine

  • Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Vegan
  • Fortifies Immune System and Response
  • Encourages Muscle Growth and Recovery
  • 1 of the 9 essential amino acids

Norti L-glutamine is a free-form amino acid, specially fermented from a vegetable source to ensure compatibility with all diets and bodies.

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Digestive Enzymes

Lipase, Protease and Amylase

  • Sourced from Vegan-friendly sources
  • A complete enzyme blend, selected to specifically break down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.
  • Improves gut function
  • Reduce food intolerance, bloating, and discomfort
  • Benefits entire diet around ingestion, not only Norti products

Norti products are designed to improve your body with each and every bite.

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Inulin Derived from Chicory Root

  • Source of beneficial fibre, acts as fuel for probiotic activity
  • Vegan-Friendly

Prebiotics are a meta-nutrient, meaning they enable a number of other body functions to happen and contribute significantly to overall health.

Inulin is a particular prebiotic which is NOT absorbed by the gut, and reaches the far ends of the colon, ensuring that the healthy probiotics are sustained for the entire length of the gut, ie. Bifido and Lactobacilli.

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Soil-based Probiotics

  • Vegan-friendly
  • Activates when inside the gut environment
  • Repopulates your healthy gut microorganisms 
  • Aids digestion and assists in the extraction of nutrients from food
  • Improves immune function

Norti products feature the recently developed probiotic Bacillus Coagulans Unique IS2™, a soil-based organism (SBO) which only becomes active when it reaches the areas of the intestines where it's needed.

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Gluten Free

Avoid the Negative Consequences of Gluten

The gluten found in modern wheat, barley, and rye, is a difficult protein for our body to digest meaning it builds up in our digestive system and causes health complications in the majority of the population.

Additionally, foods which don't actually contain gluten (quinoa, rice or corn products) often contain gluten through the cross-contamination of being processed on equipment which does process gluten-containing products.

Norti was designed to help you avoid the negative consequences of gluten.

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Sugar Free

No Refined Sugars

The true risk of excessive sugar consumption has only been made clear in recent years (2010 forward) as independent, non-governmental or agriculturally backed research opens new understandings. 

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No Dairy

Norti is Free from Dairy and Soy

Dairy allergies, or sensitisation is enjoying increasing awareness as sufferers from dairy-induced symptoms engage in social conversation about this once unexplored dietary issue.

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Keto Friendly

Mitigated Insulin Response

  • Extremely low insulin response through low-carb ingredient selection, and 
  • Use of natural sweeteners Monk Fruit and Xylitol.

Norti products and snacks have been mindfully designed to use naturally derived sweeteners and ingredients which would be suitable to low-carb and keto-adapted persons where the 'Keto-friendly' icon is displayed.

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